Monthly Archives: September 2014

Data Breaches on the Rise

I’d guess that before this weekend, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence hadn’t ever seriously thought about the impact of a data breach.  They’re not alone!  It was announced this morning by many sources that there appears to be a credit card breach at Home Depot bigger than Target.  Last week 4.5mm healthcare records were compromised in a breach of one of our largest healthcare systems and locally in Kansas City, Children’s Mercy Hospital lost 4,500 employee records.  Each day, a few more people are starting to take this risk seriously but we still have a long way to go.

What is your law firm doing to protect your individual attorneys and the firm from this exposure?  In addition to the breaches mentioned above, Goodwill Stores announced yesterday that they suffered a breach due to the failure of a third party vendor.  Do you know what vendors have access to your data?  If they’re responsible for a data breach, will they cover the costs of the breach or are you stuck with that?

These are all questions you should address and also understand if and how your legal malpractice policy will respond to a data breach.  If it does provide protection, it will be incredibly limited and you may need to explore a cyber liability insurance policy to supplement your legal malpractice coverage.

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